Tulip Mania time in the Netherlands

Aren't tulips amazing? They are one of those little signs every year that the seasons are changing. And in the travel world tulips and spring mean one thing...

Tulip Mania time in the Netherlands. Spring has arrived and the county is awash in color. From Keukenhof Gardens to the country fields, tulips are everywhere.

Tulips arrived in Holland in the 16th century from Turkey. The Dutch were so enamored by this flower that in the mid-17th century the term tulipomania was coined, to describe the first economic bubble. Prices soared, as people were so obsessed with the bulb. The bulbs were even used as money, until the market crashed.

Exploring Holland anytime is wonderful. However, Tulip Season runs 8 weeks from the end of March to early May. Best time is mid to late April. April 27th is Kings Day. It’s a country-wide party, you must wear orange.

River Cruising is the ideal way to enjoy this explosion of flowers. You get to experience the canals and the architecture of Amsterdam and then sail through the countryside, tulip fields as far as the eye can see and picturesque wooden windmills.

The cruises are already sold out for 2019. So do yourself a favor, if this is one of your dream holidays, treat yourself to an early spring gift for next year and book a 2020 tulip time cruise!

If you have tulip fever, send me an email today!

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