Now most posts and blog articles about New Year's resolutions come out on the 1st and are forgotten by the end of the week (like most of the resolutions that were made). I have intentionally paused a beat because you need time for reflection, time to be intentional and time to write your new goals into your life.

The key to fulfilling any New Year’s resolution is to plan ahead and make sure that it’s aligned with your personal goals… not just haphazardly write a bunch of recycled stuff down on New Year’s Eve on a whim. I believe that most resolutions have the best intentions, but they are usually missing a very important ingredient: a plan of action.

Here is a great New Year’s resolution that I think most people would benefit from…

travel more

If you have said that before and it didn’t really happen, and are saying it again and don’t have a real plan of action in place to ensure it does happen, chances are it will be one of those well intentioned ideas that never really comes to life. So, as we stand here at the beginning of the year and see 2018 stretch out in front of us, let’s break the “travel more” goal down into smaller steps we can follow so that we actually end up accomplishing it.

Pick a place already:

Here…There…Anywhere. Whatever you do, just don’t develop decision paralysis. There are so many amazing places you can go, so don’t stop yourself from going anywhere simply because you can’t choose somewhere. The sooner you decide where you are going, the more real it will become and the harder you will work at making it happen.

Decide when you’re going:

This all depends on what’s important to you and what you are trying to accomplish with your travelling. Sometimes though, you just have to be impulsive so that you can make a decision and get on with it. Once you have a destination, there are ways to figure out when is the best time to go if you are looking for sunshine and only sunshine, when it might the low season, and when you are most likely to encounter lots and lots of tourists. But just make sure you nail down the where and the when.

Start your research:

That’s when you contact me. Although, it’s perfectly fine if you contact me before Step 1 because I have lots and lots of ideas about where you should go if you don’t happen to know. :) But now is the time to really start to make your ideas come to life. This is the time to figure out what this trip is going to be about, what you want to experience, and what you want to get out of your travel. Here is when the trip really becomes about YOU. This will also help you solidify a budget so that you can be ready for the next step.

Understand your travel fund:

Does it need to be built or does it need to be put to the side? Are you setting aside money so that these funds are earmarked specifically for this trip or do you need to develop a plan to save and put away money specifically for this purpose? This generally is the least fun step of the bunch, but if you don't do it you won't travel (and that really is a bummer).

Book it and GO:

Life is too short. You need to get out and see the world. You need to make things happen or else they don’t ever happen. Don’t let this be the year when your travel resolutions fizzle… The world is full of amazing places and I want to help you experience some of them.

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