Ultimate Gift Guide for Those with Travel in Their Hearts

Did you know that the act of giving or receiving gifts is one of the five love languages? That means that there is a significant part of our population that likes to give and receive love through the act of gift giving! Even if it’s not top on your list, you can probably relate to the amazing feeling that comes with receiving a thoughtful gift.

If you have a loved one in your life who loves travel (are there really people out there that don't love to travel??), you may be wondering what the heck to get them for the upcoming holidays. I hate to tell you, but it is no longer the early season for holiday shopping. The good news is there are many great gift ideas out there and I have you covered at every price point!

1. Gift Certificate for Travel - This is an easy one! Gift Certificates for travel can be created in any denomination and they can be redeemed for any type of travel from flights to excursions to entire holidays. You don't need to be a mind reader and you don't need to mess with the details. Easy peasy!

2. Give the Gift of a Well Planned Trip - Are your loved ones thinking about a trip? Pay for a travel professional to plan a customized itinerary just for them. They will love that you have saved them hours and hours of research and planning and the resulting trip will be one that they will always remember! (You can pay just the trip design fee or for the entire trip).

3. Travel Accessories - Alternative travel themed gifts and stocking stuffers for your loved ones with wanderlust in their hearts.

  • mod tablet kit, This is Ground - Skip the bulky backpack! This is the perfect airport companion; it has a spot for everything (passport, tickets, important cards, and entertainment).

  • gold foil 8×10″ London map, Minted - I am a firm believer that if you have travel in your heart, your house should look like it! This is a great reminder of time spent abroad.

  • grape water, Caudalie Paris - This face mist is perfect to spritz on when your face is getting dry during a flight and right after you land to help you feel refreshed.

  • packing cubes, Bed Bath & Beyond - It can be difficult to keep clothes and other personal items organized when on a trip. With the help of packing cubes, it’s a lot easier and can allow for more items to fit in a suitcase.

  • the carry on cocktail kit, Indigo - Nothing but time in the air-- might as well enjoy a real drink!

  • LOQI luggage cover, Indigo - It is easy to spot your luggage with this unique cover; it is also great to for keeping your luggage clean!

*For travel gift certificates or customized travel planning contact Gibbons Travel Consulting to assist you with the gift that will make you the hero of the season!

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