Fresh, Trendy Ideas for your Winter Vacation

Travel for me is about exploration, change of environment, new adventures, learning from others, and seeing the world from a different perspective.

Vacation? That’s usually about umbrella drinks, a good book (or a few good books), and a whole lot of beach time. When I’m on vacation my focus is on recharging and rejuvenation. I look at it as a time to sleep in, eat and drink to my heart’s content, and work on my zen.

For me, I know I need both in my life. You might be the same way. I am always talking about the importance of travelling, but I also see tremendous value in going away and the biggest thing you do all week is decide what will be your poolside cocktail of choice.

Many Canadian’s only get a short time off of work each year to travel or go on vacation. They both have value and importance, and my biggest recommendation will always be to use the time in a way that brings you joy. The great thing is it can change each time!

How you spend your vacation time is, of course, an incredibly personal choice but if you find yourself exhausted or uninspired by your usual choices, maybe it’s time to try a bit more travel or a bit less vacation.

For those of you that are feeling a little bored or uninspired by this year’s sun holiday here are a few alternate trips that will still take you somewhere warm (we must break up that Canadian winter!), but will add a little more culture or adventure into the mix.

Costa Rica Adventure

An eco-tourist's dream, Costa Rica has become synonymous with unspoiled tropical paradise and thrilling adventure activities. The country's quiet history has today become a blessing, as Costa Rica cashes in on its reputation for purity. It is a country blessed with beaches and biodiversity, this is a land of volcanoes, roaring rivers, and lush jungle teeming with exotic wildlife.

Photo courtesy of G Adventures

Costa Rica has itineraries both for thrill seekers and for the travellers who prefer a slower pace. Whether you take a river taxi up the freshwater channels and dense jungles of Tortuguero National Park— home to sloths, monkeys river otters, caiman, and endangered manatees, to a beautiful jungle lodge for a peaceful respite from the world or choose to spend a week (or two) trekking, biking, horseback riding, kayaking, ziplining around the country you will have a purely Costa Rican experience.

Photo courtesy of G Adventures

Tortuguero National Park Tour – 5-day Independent Adventure

Costa Rica Active Adventure - 13 days, San José to San José

San Miguel de Allende - A Cultural Experience

Known for its cobblestone streets, Spanish colonial style architecture, and creative cuisine; the town still maintains its Mexican heritage, culture and charm. This year is a big year for San Miguel; the travel world is buzzing about the this destination after its win for the World's Best award for best city in the world.

This is a fantastic city to explore on foot; wander its quaint streets and shop for handicrafts such as pottery, woven baskets, and embroidered clothing. The central plaza, a world heritage site by UNESCO, is a beautiful green launching point for any traveller wanting to explore this historic center. Home to more than 350 restaurants and several expansive markets, it is a great opportunity to taste some authentic regional food.

Galapagos - Wildlife Safari

Discover the hidden gem of South America-- snorkel with sea lions, soak up the sun with iguanas and wonder at the natural beauty that surrounds you – just an average day in the Galápagos archipelago!

Situated off the coast of Ecuador, this isolated haven of biodiversity is home to a dazzling array of birds, reptiles, fish and mammals that you won’t find anywhere else. With no known predators, the wildlife here exhibit almost no fear of humans. Islands seemingly forgotten by time, the Galápagos have fascinated nature lovers for nearly two centuries, ever since Charles Darwin’s Galápagos-based research on the theory of evolution catapulted the islands to world fame.

Photo courtesy of G Adventures

The highlands of Santa Cruz are one of the best places to see giant tortoises in the wild.

Photo courtesy of G Adventures

Photo courtesy of G Adventures

The Galápagos Islands are an archipelago of 13 islands and many smaller islets lying 965 km off the west coast of Ecuador. There are towns on two of the islands (San Cristobal and Santa Cruz), and minor settlements on a few other islands, but much of the Galápagos is a national park. The Galápagos Islands are a hotbed of exotic wildlife and picturesque landscapes, and there’s no better way to view it all than from a comfortable ship.

Galápagos — West & Central Islands Aboard The Monserrat - 7 days, Quito to Quito

Photo courtesy of G Adventures

If you are feeling bored or indifferent by your annual resort search for this year's sun holiday, maybe it is time to look for something that will excite your wanderlust again. Or, if you are worried about losing your beach time, but still want to try something new split your time-- do a week of exploring and adventure and a week relaxing at an all inclusive. You should go, and I should plan it!

If I have peaked your interest, but you are not sure where to start, reach out to me. I have a plethora of vacation ideas and not nearly enough travel time!

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