What is Luxury Travel?

I am constantly looking for ways to better understand what my clients truly want from their travel experiences. This It harkens back to my years at uni, where I first developed a deep desire to understand what drives us to explore the world, what attracts us to a specific destination, and what experiences ultimately fulfill our wanderlust spirit.

When it comes to luxury travel many people think of it as unattainable. They believe that luxury travel starts at a certain price point. They picture over the top luxury, where you treat yourself to the best of the best-- 5 star accommodations, indulging in the finest food and wine, and travelling to this extravagant holiday in first class. My personal view on luxury travel is that the definition of “luxury” should be a personal understanding of what you consider valuable.

What does luxury travel mean to you?

Are you looking for luxury in the traditional sense, where you splurge and spend a little more than you usually would to stay in a superior accommodation, indulge in new dining experiences, or upgrade your transportation to travel in style and comfort?

Are you looking for more experiential luxury, so that you give up some aspects of luxury in the traditional sense in order to have more of a unique and authentic travel experience?

Maybe luxury travel for you is taking a couple months off to travel and really immerse yourself in a different culture. My personal luxury travel involves having time to enjoy the landscape; an opportunity to luxuriate in culture, to stretch out, observe and literally loose yourself in the place you’re visiting.

Or perhaps what you are looking for is an emotional experience, and that is what correlates to luxury for you because connecting at a deeper place can make it a life changing trip.

When I seek to understand your personal definition of luxury travel, it is along these lines-- I am trying to understand what motivates you and what you consider a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This understanding is a key component of how I build travel experiences; I want to create a holiday for you that is as good as or better than the vision that you have in your head. This is a level of service that you will never receive when you book your travel through the internet.

I am a travel matchmaker-- my goal is to align your travel desires with the right destinations, locations, accommodations, and experiences.

Everyone should experience luxury travel; if you'd like to work together to make that happen, feel free to contact me for a free initial consultation.

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