Scary... In the Best Way

Life is full of transition. You get somewhere, you stay there for a little while, and then right when you start to get comfortable, life changes, you spin for a little while and wonder what will be next, and then something inside gives you a little push in a different direction. Nudging you towards something you should be doing, even when you don't really understand it. Out of chaos things start to make sense; everything you have worked at and experienced so far in life has been preparing you for this moment…

I have worked at a lot of jobs that I was good at, but I have yet to experience a job that allows me to really utilize all of my skills and abilities— that provides me the opportunity to fully flex my creative muscles. I have been feeling that gentle nudge for a while now. It was pushing me to get uncomfortable and start doing something I wanted to do-- something I felt passionate about. I have a love for travel, an affection for people, and a desire to help make their dreams come to life. It is not the most conventional career path, but I feel like there are people out there that I can help. Today, I am announcing to the world that I am taking a chance on myself and I am launching a new career. It's scary... in the best way.

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